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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Easter Everyone!

Just like to say thank you very much everyone for your good wishes. Breaking off for approx 10 days. See you soon.

Quotes on Easter:

The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. ~Robert Flatt

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. ~S.D.

GordonCelestial spirit that doth rollThe heart's sepulchral stone away,Be this our resurrection day,The singing Easter of the soul -O gentle Master of the Wise,Teach us to say: "I will arise."
~Richard Le Gallienne

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We live and die; Christ died and lived! ~John Stott

On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer. - Douglas Horton

Easter is not a passport to another world; it is a quality of perception for this one. - W.P. Lemon

Taking a break see you all after Easter.
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
hugs to everyone.

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