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Friday, February 06, 2009

At the end of the day

Photograph by trinitystar

At the end of the day

Sometimes its unwillingness to surrender

Crimson warmth stretches across the expanse of the sky

The sun bursts forth its final encore

Bowing majestically upon the horizons door

A horizon filled with hope

The curtain of darkness gradually falls

Like a black cloak flowing in the evening breeze

Heaven is the blanket that covers the dreaming soul

Until dawn breaks

And we awake


Dusk, is just an illusion, because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. And that means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are; there cannot be one without the other, yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel, I remember wondering to be always together, yet forever apart?

No matter how dark the night, somehow the sun rises once again and all shadows are chased away
David Matthew

PS. I kind of made a reset to the blog and unfortunately I have lost the sidebar links to your blogs. And I am not sure how to use the new template. If I am missing you out ... you know why. If anyone can make a suggestion on how to retrieve them or how to make a new sidebar link. Ive tried everyway and it doesnt seem to be happening.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Images of Life

Beauty in Motion by trinitystar

Reflecting in silence by trinitystar

Olympia by trinitystar

Complexity by trinitystar

Spiritual Boat by trinitystar

At times we do need to reflect on the motion of Beauty
For Beauty flows in harmony with mind, body and soul to keep them free
Find moments to be still on the path of your life
Because sometimes you become lost in the complexities and bitter strife
Listen to the inner voice that beckons you to experience the infinite pond
Life is a gentle whisper, a breath; a kiss of love upon the breeze and beyond