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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Lend me your heart for awhile
And the warmth of your smile
As I whisper softly in your ear
You are my strength that takes away the fear
You are like the sun to me that brightens up my day
You give hope and understanding in every way
You are my heart beat that ticks every hour
You are that beautiful raindrop upon the softness of a flower
In my darkest moments you are the moon that gives me light
You are that eagle that takes me soaring high in flight
When you kiss me you fill me with desire
You rekindle love within me and light my fire
Your smile and honest words of encouragement
Gives me that feeling that you are heaven sent

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A relfection of Love

I stood and gazed at this beautiful reflection
A breath taking vista with divine connection
It reached the depths of my bewildering soul
And I longed to gently touch you my Love
The compassionate one, with a heart of gold
cloaked in kindness a wonderful gentle soul
I pondered if you could hear the whispers of my heart
You an angel whom the Gods sent here
A radiant light that brushed away my fear
I love you