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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stand on my Soapbox day!

God still gives us the sunshine for free, and the apples, and this land that we walk on, and the air, but there are those that want to sell you these things.
There are those that play God with our lives and our crops. Why?
Why is it that people still think they can fight fire with fire as in wars. Why?
The hungry people of the world, when there is stashes of food and grains going to waste. Why?

The answer is pure Greed and Power.

Our world could be made better if we all found compassion to help our fellow men, and to find the solutions for the problems.

Quote: "Impossible only means that you haven't found the solution yet.”

Importance of caring

Necessaries — food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, basic education

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All that goes on outside of you

Copyright Marie Moore
A fairy came visiting

I have found that over the past year my visits here have been less frequent.
It is awful, for this is what I love doing, being creative ... learning about people.
All that goes on outside of you tends to take over, and one leaves no time for self.
Self is very important, for if the self is happy and in good health then all that is around you can be tackled with ease.
Sometimes I think we shroud ourselves, and one cannot see clearly, solutions are blocked out.
Look to the inner source, look to God and whispers your fears to Him. The solutions will come, maybe not in the way we hope, but in the way which is right and fitting for us.
I hope that I can continue to come back to this place of meeting with others.
Hugs for you