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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The world today

Digital art by Trinitystar
What is happening in our world today, too much focus on the materialistic world which causes so much greed. I ask myself ... how much is enough.

Are we not able to be contented with that what we have ... than that we do not have.

It seems to me that it all has got out of hand. Let us stop, and be stilled and find that which is more prescious, Life. Life itself, embrace the now and share with others, love, caring and kindness. These are the things that will make our lives richer and fuller.

It Is Madness
It is madness if one interrupts one’s true reality to immerse oneself into the pleasures of the material world and dwell in fruitless amusements.
There are those lost in mass hypnotic states leaving them with a false sense of security. Unknowingly they do so. Follow like regimental sheep upon the marred and well trodden path.
Yet, in one’s own madness one chooses to walk leafy tree lined avenues. The simple act of sharing a seat with a beggar who has a similar pastime of pondering; and the delights of silently observing the world as it hurry’s sadly, madly by.
One would rather gaze upon the simple artist as his eye creates a scene of visionary beauty or listen to the great masters of music playing each note expressing love from within
It is insane
To say there is no time to stop and stare or any time to become aware. You have made divisions in your long sleep. You have tried to conquer life. And in your ignorance you have conquered nothing. Thus, in your increasing ignorance you have created further obstacles to enrich your sad and lonely life.
Yet, in my wisdom I believe there is hope for all. To awake blurry eyed from that what they thought was to this what the new and exciting world is now.