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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Be yourself ...

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We all want to be accepted for who we really are.
You do not have to be anything but yourself ... only change what you do not like about yourself, on doing so this will enhance your life. Everyone is a unique being. So be true to yourself and be yourself. Those who do not accept you for who you are ... Let go.

We can hurt our self by listening to the talking voice inside our mind, which can distort the real truth from us. Distortion can lead you to loosing your freedom.
Your feelings are real ... what we perceive causes emotions. Emotions causes reactions which is the effect. Thus, we make judgements upon our self and on others from what we believe.
Our judgments can be of hate, jealousy and selfishness.

Distortions we create in our mind ... which we believe to be true ... And are not, and thus, takes our freedom away from us.
We can abuse our self as much others can ... But even in the case of others abusing us in whatever way it is within the situation ... We can still turn that round should we choose to ignore it ... And instead believe in our self ... Faith and love. Forgiveness plays a huge part in healing and allowing clarity to enter our thoughts.

There seems to be a whole knock on effect when we choose to listen to lies about our self. If we believe them ... We become them. We can listen to people attentively ... but, we can choose not to believe what people say. If we allow it to seep into our minds ... And distort our dream ... We are then filled with emotions.
You will come across daily valid nourishment for you ... A gift ... If you are aware of it ... That you can choose to feed your soul. Valid nourishment will enhance your life ... Lies will not.
You can make that choice ... For you will know that truth just is.

I have chosen Love as an example ... It is here where we judge our self more. It is here where we constantly create more pain.

Every time I love, my heart is broken. This is not true, because nobody can break your heart if you love yourself. If your heart was broken in the past, you broke it with the lies you believed about love. Love makes you strong; selfishness makes you weak. Love doesn't hurt. What hurts is the fear, selfishness, and control that come from the lies you believe in. If you no longer believe in lies, automatically love starts coming out of you.
Emotional pain is a symptom of being abused; the pain is letting you know that you have to do something to stop the abuse. The emotions are the most important part of our dream because they are telling you how you are doing in your life. By following your emotions, you can change your circumstances.
Extract above by Don Miguel Ruiz The Voice of Knowledge
Just as in Spring new growth reaching out towards the light ... Choose to be free and grow towards love and BE ... BE YOURSELF
Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don't realize this because almost everyone is suffering from it, so it is considered normal. This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being.
Eckhart Tolle
Your seed has been covered with so many layers of culture, etiquitte, education, religion, country, that you have completely forgotten that you are here to grow, that you have become a lush green bush full of flowers, fragrance, dancing in the wind and in the rain and in the sun.
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Favourite one!
be the change you want to see

Try it!

Great super fun idea ... came via Barbara. Thanks Barbara

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank you!

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Thank you everyone for your sweet comments.
I was hoping to get back to posting this evening ... schedule change.
Never mind ... see all soon. :o)