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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gosh! almost 6 months no see

Created by Marie Moore (trinitystar) Titled The Mystics Heart
Created by Marie Moore trinitystar Titled Angels

Gosh Folks!

Not realised I had not been here since February.
I have been so absorbed in images and writing blogs seemed to of drifted down to the bottom of the pile. I thinks it's time just to take pen in hand once again.

I see Don and Floots seem to be doing everything ... I don't know how they do it. Wonder men.
Thanks to anyone that has been popping in.
Its time to attempt to read some your works.

Hugs for you all.
The Mystic's heart is filled with Love for all
He will lend his hand to you upon the path if you fall
His work is never ever complete nor done
The Mystic always has time for His Wizardry fun
He teaches you to love all your brothers
The true Mystic teaches of God's Love and no other.
Extract of Mystic's in Love
The true mystic will never be understood, and those honoured as saints were likely, then and now, to be remembered more for what they accomplished (or for what their intercession is thought to obtain for their devotees!) than for their mysterious and often troubling focus on the divine. Many a mystic, Francis of Assisi being a prime example, is gifted in expression, yet the fullness of their union with God leaves us puzzled. Total unity goes beyond the senses and the intellect, and the greatest of poets is rendered silent by the inability to fully share the inexpressible.
Christian mysticism sees growth in spirituality as involving an ever deepening, personal relationship with God. The mystic, whose longing for a total bond with the Beloved, is not seeking nothingness, nor to “find the God within.” His Lover is also a Person, albeit one Divine. Since true contemplation is a gift of grace from God Himself, the mystic remains fully (and, perhaps, anxiously) aware that his own accomplishments and efforts cannot attain this union.