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Friday, August 31, 2007


Photograph by trinitystar


The sky was beautiful as the day dawned and opened its eyes
The birth of a new baby in the distance cries
I listened to the early morning bird that sings
I watched a butterfly as it fluttered its wings
I felt the breeze as it passed by my face
The elegance of rose petals as delicate as lace
I heard my heart beating the sounds of love
The beauty of the universe and the sky above
A momentary look of eyes at the stranger in the street
A deep feeling that I knew them long ago in a time so sweet
Along this path of life of exciting excursions
There are times ones journey is in diversions

If I stop for a few moments
to find my bearings
And hold the beauty within
I can count my blessings
Have a wonderful weekend everyone ... enjoy your moments for every moment is a new one, passes as quickly as a shooting star.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Short Visit!

The above photograph is of Freya she is an Arabian horse.

The above photograph is of Jinny

I have managed to visit most of your blogs. Heartwarming, fun, and full of life.

It is wonderful to enjoy these light evenings, lots of light.
I have been spending a little time with horses. Gods majestic creatures. I have also given time to being one with nature.
Have a wonderful week all of you.
Hope to be back at the end of August.
See you all soon. :o)