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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The joy's of the sun

It was wonderful to wake up this morning to the sunlight streaming through my blinds and the crystals on the window sill reflecting rainbows all around the bedroom walls.
The trees were gently swaying and whispering as the warm morning breeze softly passed by.

I took a little trip in to the next town ... a market town. The hustle bustle of the shoppers. Smiling faces everywhere. The colours of the flowers were so vibrant as they lazed in hanging baskets in the afternoon sun. Flower Siesta!

People feel different when they have been kissed by the sun more alive and free.
Light is tonic for one's soul.


The glorious lamp of heaven, the radiant sun, Is Nature's eye.

John DrydenSource: The Story of Acis, Polyphemus, and Galatea (l. 165), from Ovid "Metamorphoses", bk. xiii

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