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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mystics Divine Seed

She sits and ponders.
The voice of the wind can be heard as it swiftly moves and shows its energetic energy. Oh to be that kite now! To be tied to the tail of the zepher and blown far away where Mystics move within. Blow! Blow Autumn wind!

Where do you go Mystic Angel

Mystic where do you go when you leave me alone
Like an autumn leaf from east to west gently blown
Likened to the Spiritual pristine breeze
Casting and sowing in the field of life his Divine Seeds

Seasons come and go like life’s magical moments
Like the snow flake gently melting upon the pavements
Mystic where do you go when all is silent and still
Roaming the world expressing your love at Gods Will

Days pass by I retreat in silence to my inner self
To try to understand his absence, to understand his stealth
To respect the wisdom of the Mystic, for we are of ancient ties
It is for me to carry on my quest to be still, listen, and be wise
There is no separateness between us, one and all we do belong
Whispers from the Mystic softly encouraging me to be strong
Conscientious in my work to follow the quests way of life
To free my self of the illusions of the worlds outer strife
Let my exuberant love of the Mystic that comes from inside
Be expressed with joy with grace and with great pride
Inspired by and dedicated to Master S.

1 comment:

Sadiq M. Alam said...

my appreciation and love for the kind mentioning.

God bless!