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Monday, November 06, 2006


A story I heard today ... about 3 lions that had been kept in cages for many years ... working in a circus. Today through the help of human beings they were rescued ... returned to a sanctury in South Africa and are now able to to live their life in freedom ... BORN FREE
Free to roam the tall grasses of the sanctury and bask in the sun.
They had forgotten what freedom was like.

Have we ourselves forgotten what freedom is like?

Take the billionaire ... with money enough to buy anything, go anywhere, do anything ...
if they do not feel free ... is that freedom ?
They build walls to keep others out, and hire guards to watch their money and possessions, always imprisoned by the fear that others will take what they have, will not love them for themselves, will want ... do they not imprison themselves ?
And, it is not to say that having money is wrong, just that ... here, with what brings total ability on this world ... if they do not feel free, then nothing will buy them freedom
even for them ... freedom must be ... a choice ... not an attainment.
Perhaps the greatest freedom, then, is the freedom to feel free :)
And, the freedom to love.

Realization in your ability
butterfly on the breeze
born to feel free
Please feel free to leave a comment on what freedom means to you.
A whisper says that one should ... Make a wonderful day ... for it is only oneself that can choose to do so.
Quotes on Freedom.
Albert Einstein:
All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man's life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.
You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, butyou will never imprison my mind. -Mahatma Gandhi-
Man is free at the moment he wishes to be. -Voltaire-
Dwight D. Eisenhower:
We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.
an extract from Conversations with God Bk1
I truly want what you truly want ... nothing different and nothing more. Don't you see that is My greatest gift to you?
If I wanted for you something other than what you want for you, and then went os far as to cause you to have it, where is your free choice? How can you be a creative being if I am dictating what you shall be, do and have? My joy is in you FREEDOM, not your compliance.


Meredith said...

Dear Trinitystar,
Thoughtful musings and quotes, Thankyou. These point to the essence of knowing that Freedom is a state of heart and mind, rather than a set of cicumstances. Sometimes, freedom is realizing that our circumstances are very superficial, and true freedom is about being able to jump these cicrumstancial fences - visible or invisible.

trinitystar said...

:o) Meridith. Thank you for passing by.

garnet david said...

I love all the colors of fonts you use. So pleasing to the eyes.

Yes, freedom is not only a choice, but an attitude, a perspective, never letting yourself feel trapped. Being free in spirit is the key.

I'm so glad those lions were rescued.

Imemine said...

Freedom is enduring the inevitable.

mysti said...

What a beautiful site you have here. Thank you for blessing mine with your thoughtful comment. I am going to bookmark your page, and shall be back to explore when I am able.


polona said...

those big cats behind bars... so sad.
and yet, i think, maybe they're more free than many human beings who have imprisoned themselves in golden cages by their own choice.

freedom is most of all a state of mind...

pozdrav :)

ari4u said...

Man is born free, but he is everywhere in chains. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Most people want money, riches and fame and desire to live the life of celebs. People on the other side who have everything want to live a simple and a free life. Humans are not satisfied with what they have. They always need more than what the neighbor has :) This will never end.

Glad that the big cats were freed. Made me feel happy. I am against caging animals for fun or pleasure.

Take care -ari

trinitystar said...


Perhaps then we should learn to be thankful for what we have. It is when we want ... the complications arise. Methinks. :o)

Thank you for your comment ... much appreciated.

trinitystar said...

Polona ... the big cats are free to roam the tall grasss of a reserve.
Funny you say about humans in prison.
Perhaps as a good friend pointed out to me ... that one can be free even in prison. Those that are able to Astral Travel are free. For remember it is the soul that is free ... even if the body is held down by chains.
Thank you Polona for commenting here today. :o) I wish you freedom.

trinitystar said...

Everyone is welcome ... to speak ... to leave something of interest ... a link. Or to silently read over and reflect.
We all write from our hearts. :o)
Thank you.

trinitystar said...

? expand :o)

trinitystar said...

Garnet David ... thank you for your superb comment.
Much appreciated. :o)

~ann~ said...

thank you for visiting me... I don't know how you found me.

this is an awesome blog... and I have read some of your beautiful poetry...

I love to write, but am curtailed by life... so no real freedom there for me yet to pursue a dream. I shall be back and thank you for sharing

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

trinitystar said...

ann we seek and we find. :o)
hugs for you. Dont give up on dreams. :o) Follow them.

samuru999 said...

Thank you for this wonderful post!
How very happy I am the big cats are now free!

I had a long day, and a little bit of sad, this was just what I needed!
Thank you my dear!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

glad they are free!

jim said...

Trinitystar, you have already covered everything, and I agree, even about God and that point of view. Freedom is knowing that you are more than you see and feel and think, that you are simultaneously soul as well, and that that soul you are is in a flow of greater Spirit time, and you are far more, at once.

You are very interesting, in your history, I will return with more time and read some more of your posts and writings.

Thanks for the visit to my blog and your kind and generous words. I see that you are an excellent writer yourself, very artistic as well. Thanks.

Rob said...

A very important topic!

Freedom frightens us all in my view. Subconsciously we choose to be enslaved by our concepts.

Very few people experience real freedom. I think it is only possible to be free if one can learn to trust the powers that be.

trinitystar said...

Well said Rob ... I think you maybe right.

it is written that man struggles endlessly to a freedom that is ever beyond his reach ... for the freedom is within ... not without ... no matter how far into space he reaches. (Master S say's)

Trust in who you are. :o)

Carol said...

Firstly I think you are the colour purple:D you will know what I am referring too :)

And freedom could also be the colour purple as it is a regal colour..

Now for me freedom means experiencing God's spirit in my life...