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Friday, November 03, 2006

Those Yesteryears.

Oh! Those yesteryears where did they go?
As I sit in my rocking chair, rocking to and fro
Gently my eyes close as I remember my life
Was it bad; was it good; was it full of strife?
I remember when I was a child and so small
And everything else looked so huge, enormous and tall
One big room we lived in, a family of three
I remember how daddy cuddled me on his knee
Mummy and daddy struggling, working to make ends meet
Christmas is coming, thick snow in the street
Lots of presents all nicely wrapped up for me
My first dolly sitting pretty under the beautiful tree
My child like thoughts that, Father Christmas had been
Behind the wrapping paper and ribbons, the toil was not seen
A little older now, going to big school
Torments from children, how they were so cruel
Mummy is crying, daddy did not come home
Out gambling he was all night long, leaving poor mummy alone
I wrapped my arms around her to comfort her soul
As we sit together and stared at the flames in a trance
Maybe mummy will give daddy another final chance
Luck ran out this time, gambling was deep within his skin
Daddy has left our home, this time he did not win
I love my mum, her coat off her back she would give for me
Working all hours to provide the best she could see
Rocking in my chair to and fro
My eye flickering in thoughts of what I knew and what I now know
Those yesteryear where did they go?
There were times when neighbours gave a helping hand
Sharing in the community, making proud of the land
Then technology were born into our homes
TV, washing machines and mobile phones
Making vows of love and loyalty to your lover
The children came along, now no time for each other.
Lost years where did they go?
As you rock through the times to and fro
It happened all so fast
The kids, they have all grown up at last.
One gets old and tired, your body full of aches and pain
And you wonder would you do it all again.

Rocking in your timeless chair and whispering ... "Yes".
Perhaps with improvement.
More so, I would perhaps of not of been here ... maybe even lost somewhere else in another dream.

Maybe some of you can relate to this ... feel free to share. :o)

Dedicated to Master S.
Mystic you come and go like the rush of a breeze imbued with grace
From beyond my comprehension an unfathomable and infinite place
Your intoxicated breath upon my lips transcends me to cloud nine
The living alchemist expressing your mystical Love for the Divine
A beautiful spell of enchantment you did cast upon my soul
Ripples of love and light towards the Whole
You have taught me that safety is always near
And that it only the illusion of fear I fear.
Namaste Master S :o)


Pat Paulk said...

An all too true story. I was fortunate my Dad kept his vices under control and never got booted out. Excellent write!!

krystyna said...

Adorable and excellent post. I'm so touching. Thanks a lot!

trinitystar said...

Thank you for sharing Pat and for passing by. I guess it strengthens one ... and also gives one the chance to apply forgiveness. :o)

samuru999 said...

What memories!
So touching!
It made me sad, and also happy!
Beautifully written!
Thank you for sharing it!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Dan said...

Your post brings back sweet memories for me. I remember two-month summer vacations ... they seemed to last forever. Today, if my boss tells me I need to get some project done in two months, I can barely do it -- two months flies by.


polona said...

oh, that's a beautiful moving story.
i'm glad you overcame all the adversities and became what you are now...

would i go hrough my life again?
probably yes (and there were moments i don't even want to think about), if i knew it would bring me to all the caring people like you .

Imemine said...

You had a happy childhood.

Rob said...

"lost somewhere else in another dream"

Yes. Dreams. And they pass so quickly as you say.

Brittany Hogan said...

That captures this life beautifully... wonderful, tough, sad, joyful, full...
well done

trinitystar said...

Thanks for your fleeting moments
Memories for some of their own childhood.
Rob exactly where else would we be ... if not here ... then in another dream experience something else.
Imemine ... mmmmmm now methinks is this a trick question ... depends in which way we view the situations. For we should accept all experiences as a gift. Yet, because we have been conditioned to forgetting who we are ... we are bogged down by the illusions.
Brittany ... an ocean wave ... our lives ... up and down.
Margie ... all fairy tales. :o)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Very beautiful writing! Not much I could say that the others haven't already said. :)

Anonymous said...

magician with words...well written


trinitystar said...

Anonymous ... :o)

Perhaps we are all magicians at heart ... we just dont know it.
Thank you for popping in.
Have a wonderful day!