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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The One

The Matrix ... how many of you liked the film?
What was your thoughts?
I should be interested to know.

To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.
Taylor Hanson


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

haven't seen it --- maybe I should.

gel said...

I've not seen it either.

polona said...

i never got to see any of the matrix films though i wanted to... maybe next year...

Jeeps said...

People that havent seen the Matrix are reálly missing out..
I like it a lot, especially the first movie, but i have them all on DVD.. the whole mood created is just awesome. Plus the special effects are great, the fightscenes are amazing, and the storyline is just.. cool.

All that said, i think the trilogy could've been a lot better, especially the third part is a bit dissapointing. It wasnt the climax you'd expect after seeing the first movie.

trinitystar said...

Jeeps ... thank you ... if you return
is there a chance that you are able to expand on what you understood from the first film.

Yes, I too feel they lost it on the following 2nd and 3rd.

I know it is now an old film ... just wondered what thoughts people received from it.
Keep well.
Thanks for making a journey in.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Trinity Star,
violin lessons with Graham Clark from Gong - psychedelic

Favourite country Egypt - hmmm
well somedays it IS my favourite.

Nice place, love the name
will be back for more & more

trinitystar said...


Thank you for hopping on your starship and dropping by ... hugs

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Trinity,
First I was into the mysteries of the Mind
then the mysteries here all around, and
later the mysteries of the great beyond.

Alas full circle looking to where we are all proceeded from

trinitystar said...

Perhaps my dear quasar9 it is a circle and one can travel through it and around it in the here and NOW! :o) Methinks you know that already.
hugs for you.

Poetry by Kai said...

hisaw that
i like it

Blue Fairy said...

hi trinity, loved the first matrix disappointed by 2 and 3. the original had an amazing idea that you took home with you and thought over and discussed and expanded on, the possibility that it could be true, those surreal moments in life where you can almost taste the strangeness of your own reality and question it's existence. such a powerful little idea seeded into so many people's minds, such a shame it got sold out to the superficial mindset it set out to undermine. nevertheless the first film will always remain one of my all time favourites.
Merry Christmas, all my love and hugs, Blue Fairy x x

samuru999 said...

Hi dear Trinity
I have not seen this film.

You should see all the snow here...
it's a blizzard again.
I am happy though...
snug and warm inside, and do not have to work tomorrow!
My hubby and I just took some coats to a women's shelter, and we were slipping all over the road...
I am glad to be home, safe and sound again!
It is so wintery! BRRRRRR!

Thanks so much for your nice visit today!

Happy New Year!


trinitystar said...

Blue Fairy ... thank you for your visit.
Indeed the first was the best ... she felt there were many hidden meanings within the film.
I just wondered how many other people read it differently.
It was very thought provoking.
Perhaps you shall pass by again.
Where do Blue Fairies come from?
hugs for you too.
ps seemingly not everyone has seen the film. :o(
Never mind.

trinitystar said...


Nothing so wonderful as being snugged up by the fire and watching the snow.
love that you know ... the shadow of the flames dancing on the walls.
Romantic! :o)

mysti said...

The movie was good from what I could watch. It had tooo much violence for me. The guys in my life though all love the series. :)

trinitystar said...

Soft and gentle Mysti,
thanks for your valid comment.
Perhaps a little violent ... but it was all an illusion anyway.
hugs for you.
see you soon. :o)

Blue Fairy said...

thanks for the welcome :) i know this isn't a film buff site so i'll make it quick and get my hide outta here lol, but if you enjoyed the matrix, i really recommend you watch Equilibrium, with Christian Bale...NOT Denzel Washington. I love these kind of movies and this one really is a gem. Thought provoking, superbly acted (sorry Keanu you look good but that's about it), cool action shots for the red bull generation and just a great film...likely no one has heard of it or seen it which is another good reason to give it a try ;)

isaiah said...

Greetings, Trinitystar-

Your kind words are most appreciated. I really enjoy your blog. You have many friends and I am glad to be included.

I thought The Matrix held many important lessons on spirituality, philosophy, and observation. Have you ever read "Power Vs. Force" by
David Hawkins?

It's all about energy, connection, the Matrix we cannot see but that exists with each being an integral part. Each of us is The One. We should see everyone we meet as The One.

Peace & blessings...thanks again for your kind words.

trinitystar said...


Thanks for the tip on the book ... shall seek it out next time I am up town.

Thank you for your thought provoking comment.
Thank you for your visit.
You have a wonderful post. Well recommended. :o)

trinitystar said...

Blue fairy,

Thanks for the suggestion on this film.
Have to say I have not seen it.
Hope to be to get to see it.

Hugs for you Blue Fairy.
You would be an asset to blogging.
Thank you for your valid information.

ann said...

ooooh can't say it's one I've seen... once I've got over my obsession with Vincent D'Onofrio and find I can watch a film he's not in, then maybe I'll join you guys in the real world.

the quote is so true...

have a wonderful New Year, blessed with joy peace and happiness

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx