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Friday, January 26, 2007


Follow your intuition always. Intuition is your inner teaching ... it is the voice that speaks from within.
Follow your dreams and make them your reality. Live your truth always.
Thank you everyone for popping in and out. Felt the need to take some time out.
hug for everyone.
I have many examples when one has used intuition ... and many when one has not.
Can anyone remember an incident when they followed their intuition or did not?
Dedicated ... always to Master S


JimmyJames said...

Remember? I live my life via intuition as that is Spirit speaking to you. All we have to do is pay attention and read the "signs" that show us the path. The most recent one was management was "re-structuring" and wanted me to move to another department. I was given to 3PM to make up my mind. I said i would let them know by 3, and if I did not respond by then, my answer was I am not moving. I really did not know, but chose intuition to guide me. At 2:35 I was called into an impromto meeting with a customer, and it ended at 3:03PM. Management was waiting as I wlaked out of the conference room, asking what my decision would be. i responded that they already had the answer as I was unable to respond. It would be "no," as Spirit had shown a sign to make it impossible to respond. I would follow spirit and stay where I was. 6 months later, a massive layoff eliminated 80% of that department. The position I was to move into was eliminated as a cost saving measure.

trinitystar said...

Thank you so very much for that ... I believe this to be so ... unfortunately there are times when we do not hear the spirit our minds so involved ... Yes, excellent example of what intuition is and how one should read the signs.
Thank you again. :o)

Jeeps said...

I'm sorry, but the first thing that comes to mind concerning a situation when i followed my instinct was when threw a party last year, and made out with my ex-girlfriend's best friend.


no, that wasn't smart. And i don't trust my instinct anymore when it comes to girls.

Again, i'm sorry that i can't come up with anything else.

trinitystar said...

Jeeps! You did ask for trouble there ... and really dont think you followed your instincts ... :o)

polona said...

good to see you back, trinity!
another excellent thought-provoking post.

all i can think of now is when i was driving home from my parents. there was a traffic light that was still green when i approached it but for some reason i pulled up. the next thing i know was a car some 500 meters ahead flying through the air. fortunatelly nothing serious happened to anyone but it could easily have been me involved in that crash...

Rob said...

With retrospect I can see clearly that there have been many times when I should have followed my intuition but instead foolishly listened to the advice of others.

ann said...

I call it gut feeling and it's the best guide. A gut feeling is usually instant and right... spend time mulling, cogitating and pondering and that feeling goes and I usually end up regretting it.

have a lovely weekend... hope things are good

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I agree about intuitions. Many times I've folloed it, but just as many I haven't. :)

thinley said...

as always your posts makes us think...this time it makes me wonder if truth is necessarily a category of the mind...perhaps there are other paths to truth..and intutuion's one of them...

exquisite writing

krystyna said...

Hi Trinitystar!
Wonderful picture and great quates!
Intuition is very important. About 16th years ago doc. said I need chemotherapy.(cancer). I didn't take. I change my style of life. It saved my life.
Women have better intuition than men.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

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samuru999 said...

Hi Trinity
Excellent post!
There have been many times in my life I have followed my intuition, and in most cases, it has not failed me!

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and doesn't explain, but simply points the way.
-unknown source

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Carol said...

Feelings, intuition, play a huge part in my life..unfortunalty there are some times I don't always follow them...and I agree with Krystyna women are more intuitive than men..

and thanks for stopping by Blog..