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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Magic of Your Heart.

The above painting is the symbol of Sufism as Hazrat taught it is a "heart with wings." It is considered by many Sufis that the heart holds the key to consciously living life in the presence of God.
Poem by Rumi


Rob said...


QUASAR9 said...

Every Image a thousand words
Wisdom across all known worlds
Every Image filled with light
Aaah to the Heart such Delight!

Trinity Star, here's whishing you a beautiful weekend - may be filled with Peace, Light & Joy!

trinitystar said...

I hope you enjoyed these love video's.

Rob & Quasar have a wonderful weekend
thanks for driving over.

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful videos Trinitystar... Rumi, as well as Kabir, speak deeply to the soul.

Anonymous said...

Hi there ..this is so lovely with ..I wonder how powerpoint presentation was turned to video..any ideas


donna said...

Blessings to you

Lorna said...

As usual, a great post. :-) HUGSSSSSSSSSS

Liz said...

Trinitystar, wonderful. As always, a pleasure coming here :)

Hope you have a wonderful week

Margie said...

Beutiful videos!

gautami tripathy said...

sufism interests me so much.

Kai C. said...

simply beautiful

krystyna said...

The painting "heart with wings" is sooo beautiful and symbolical.
Great with this video and poem.
God sprinkled His Light over all spirit.. ..
And having gained that largesse of light.