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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Satie and Beethoven

Satie -Gymnopedi

Great way to learn to play the piano ... great view of the finger movements.

Dedicated to Love.

Dedicated to my love ... at the drop of a heart beat.

Moonlight Sonata ~ Enjoy this.

One can get so lost into listening to music. Closing your eyes and drift.

Far and wide wherever I stroll your shadow follows behind
Stepping in and out of the ocean of life within the illusionary time
The moon and stars sparkle and light the way to my bed
As you stir the flames in my heart and in my head
Dreaming of kissing you beneath the boughs of the Willow
Using your shoulder for the softness of a heavenly pillow
Drink with me this golden chalice of warm ruby wine
Let my love flow and ripple the length of your spine
Your love glistens in the dark, as you unfold my petals to excite
Fill me with your nectar, pearls of love pure and white
Our hearts pound across desert sands as our silken bodies ride
Kissing, gazing into beautiful eyes; thrilling feeling intoxicated inside
Within the beauty of my dream you make love to me
And I softly make love to thee.


Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Ludwig van Beethoven

Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears form the eyes of woman. Ludwig van Beethoven

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Ludwig van Beethoven


Kai C. said...

i always wanna learn how to play the piano...
very nice!

starry nights said...

Beautiful.Something about the Piano brings out the essence of your soul.I wish I had learned to play the piano.Don't know how to play any musical instrument.

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful Trinitystar-from beginning to end! have good taste in music...I thoroughly enjoyed this post with your delightful poem as an added bonus.

QUASAR9 said...

Wow Triniy,
"within the beauty of my dream you make love to me, and I softly to thee"
now that is love
love from which one would not wish to wake

polona said...

it is always a pleasure to come to your blog.
i have enjoyed this and the previous posts.
i've been rather busy as of late so please bear with me if i don't comment as often as i'd like.

Rob said...

Both Beethoven and Satie were strikingly original composers.
They both also have a strong sense of humour. (In one piece Satie suggests that the pianist plays as if they were a nightingale with tootache!)

Yet in some ways they are opposites. Satie's works are cool whereas Beethoven's are hot.
Satie's works are technically undemanding whereas Beethoven demands virtuosity.

So I am wondering if your choice of composers tells us something about you.

trinitystar said...

How charming of you ... it does actually sum me up to the note. I enjoy all genre of music, although classical is very close to my heart.
Great lover of all arts old and modern.
It is how one feels after hearing or seeing.
hugs. :o)

trinitystar said...


Give sometime to yourself.
Thats ok Polona you are most welcome at any time.
Your comments are valued.
ksssssssssss for you. :o)

trinitystar said...


Dreams to reality. :o)

trinitystar said...


If there is a piano in front of me ... I do like to tinker about on it.
Chop sticks ... :o)

trinitystar said...

thanks for dropping in and taking a few moments to chillout.

I adore piano and violin music.
take care. :o)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love to play the Moonlight when I play at the art center. It's perfect for such a thing.

Anonymous said...

wooww!! such a delightful post! i wanna learn how to play the pianooooooooooooooooooo....its so beautifull..mesmerizing...i o play the violin though, it gives me energy and strength each day!

thank u for this lovely post!my net conection was screwed up, and so, sorry for being late :)

take care!!

trinitystar said...

Andrew a kind of thought that perhaps it would be one that enjoy to play.
Thank you for coming to listen.

trinitystar said...

And I am sure that you play the violin well.
Perhaps I shall find a violin piece for you.

ann said...

I was shocked the day my son sat by a piano and just played... he'd never had a lesson in his life.

a beautiful and uplifting post... the poem is pure magic

lotsa luv ann xxxx

isaiah said...

By far my most favorite sonata... the notes guide us into the beauty of life as well as into that which is a mystery. Across all language barriers, each of us can feel as one the swirling magic rising in the heart-center.

All we are asked to do is be still and listen... listen to this magic unfold, listen to the expressions on our faces and surrender to the notion that words are not needed.