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Monday, February 05, 2007


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Search beneath the blanaket of snow

Where the wind does blow in the bleakness of the Highland snow
His spirit walks through the rolling of the heathers that nestle and grow
Her heart a shadowing glow beneath the face of the eloquent moon
to unite her with her true Love, this moment is not a moment too soon
She will follow His spirit wherever he may roam and go
Like the satin ebb of an ocean of love flowing to and fro
Let the surge of the tide bring her true love to her lonely side
Searching for Him here and there, no longer can He hide
How she longs to see
How she longs to be
Endlessly her heart is callling to to move beneath His bough
To be intoxicated by His Love in the realms of the here and now


MYSTI said...

beautiful, just beautiful.

Matt said...

Wow, what a great image, and writing. Beautiful! :)

krystyna said...

Hi Trinitystar!
Amazing winter picture with Pretty Lady Winter. I enjoyed this well written post. Thanks!
My mother live in Poland. My 2 sons live in USA, but not with me, little bit far from me.

Have a great day!

polona said...

so beautiful!
thank you for this great poem!

Rob said...

That poem feels very heartfelt.

JimmyJames said...

Beautiful Post and beautiful picture. Just awesome

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Very nice!

trinitystar said...

Yes, Rob very heartfelt.
The dream!

trinitystar said...

Thank you for your daily visit.
It is always nice when people come round.