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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hide behind the mask

In those special times
Have I not been like a blade of grass moving and bending gently in the breeze?
In those times when my ego was being bruised I still tried to please
Did I not try to make acceptance for my imperfections
Was I not happy to follow all your directions?
Did I not close my eyes and hold my tongue?
So as not to express any judgement when they were doing me wrong
Did I not try to look the other way with unseen tears in my eyes?
When truly it was only the Spirit that could hear my silent cries
As others laughed and ignored my shadow on the wall
In those times did I not try to walk with my head high and tall?
Did I not try to ignore the whispering of my name a thousand fold?
How alone I felt as if I were standing outside in the cold
Weaving your web to hold me down
I smiled with a mask the frown of a clown
I hid myself beneath the cloak of the night so that you could not see
How I long to be loved and long to set myself free
In my realization my error was to focus on you and your actions
When I should have been more aware of my re-actions
I thank you all for the opportunity that you have given me
As I travel forward on the spiritual life journey.


Anonymous said...

It was brave of you to share that. I can relate to it very well.
Rob (Mmmmm)

iamnasra said...

Its hard to create that makes ...

Janice Thomson said...

How poignant Trinitystar...and for a moment could hear my own breath speak those words. Be well my are loved more than you could possibly know.Hugs.

floots said...

as long as you know the true face - and can be happy with it
thank you

trinitystar said...

This poem came about from thoughts of childhood bullying.
Taunts. I never showed it bothered me ... but when I went home and told my mum I would cry.
Thank you all for your sweet comments. :o)

QUASAR9 said...

The Spirit strives to soar high
gravity & the body holds it down

Why wear a mask, why wear a frown
when clothed in that perfect gown
nothing can ever ever get you down

trinitystar said...

Oh Quasar that was lovely ... what cheer me up.
she hung the frown up years ago ... the minute you start to forgive.

magiceye said...



krystyna said...

Hi Trinitystar!

Hide behind the mask - isn't it a verity!
Very nice shot!

THANHK YOU Very much for your nice and helpful visit.
You know what I need!
This web is really wonderful.
Big hug!

polona said...

powerful, trinity! and i know a thing or two about self-denial...

Kai C. said...


starry nights said...

Trinity star..I somehow felt those words were coming out from within me.I have felt that way at times. We love you and we will always be here for you.

gautami tripathy said...

It is so poignantly beautiful.


ann said...

perhaps we all hide behind a veil of sorts

your words gripped me, held me, captivated me.

they are powerful and poignant at the same time.

absolutly brilliant Trinity

lotsa luv ann xxxx

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well said -- hang in there. :)

antonior said...

Oh! Yes, masks!...
Sometimes they are glued on our faces.
If you visit my place and look on the post I placed on last January 29th, you'll find a painting I made about the subject. After you see it, if you'll feel interested, tell me, that I'll translate the text I wrote for you.

On your last comment you asked me 'bout my camera. Well, it's a Fuji S2Pro with a Nikon Macro lens.

Anonymous said...

thankyou so much for visiting me!
i ws just away from blogger for awhile!i hop u had a beautiful weekend!

when i read ur lines, i felt it was me and myself talking it,it reminded me of so many things :)!! i loved ur post!!