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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring is here and Summer is in the air!

The photographs were taken along the Cleveland Way, Yorkshire, between Runswick Bay and Port Mulgrave. For those that do not reside in the United Kingdom ... Yorkshire is situated on the east coast of the island. There are still many unspoilt areas for people who desire to walk.

I love sitting on the clifftops pondering ... watching cloud formations ... shadows being formed
Have you ever watched how graceful a seagul flies, so elegant.
This area is know for Black Jet (Whitby Jet) You can always find little fragments of it on the beach. Black Jet is used for making Jewelery.
Sit for awhile and gaze out to sea.

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Vivaldi's Summer played by Nigel Kennedy.


floots said...

treats for the eyes and ears
thank you

Anonymous said...

such great pictures!
beautiful place 2 run around ;)!
i loved the 1st one soooo much!
takecare !!

Pat Paulk said...

Yes, WOW!! Love the scenery and the music. Thanks!!

Janice Thomson said...

Oh that's funny Trinitystar...I was going to post some of Vivaldi's music as's so awesome to listen to. Love the pics...You live in a beautiful area...there is something so mesmerizing about the ocean. A much enjoyed post.

Anonymous said...

vivaldi was a genius...
my fav is the allegro of spring though...

polona said...

thank you for a wonderful treat for both eyes and ears :)

Carol said...

these are glorious photographs..absolutely beautiful...gave me a great feeling when I saw them..