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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


In my silent stillness I gazed upon the sun setting inside my heart
And I knew that at last I could let this day descend into oblivion
A progression of events of discontent that had torn me apart
That had presented me lifeless and full of sadness
Who dared to attack my very beauty and challenge it to a duel?
Who dared to question the Universal rules of Love
I faced my perpetrators that chewed and gnawed at my emotions
As if they were thieving wolves, feasting on every morsel of my mind
I stood back for sometime and gazed into the recess of my soul
To suddenly become aware that the day was actually a process of learning
And although I had encountered discomforts up till my awareness
My beauty was not marred, nor scathe, but full of gratefulness
I had been given the chance to apply love, and forgivness to my day
And ultimately be at peace to catch the beautiful sun setting inside my heart.
My favourite


BarBarA said...

Great quotes.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I absolutely love Paine's quote! How true...

Pat Paulk said...

I have a good friend that always says the best Bible verse is, "it came to pass". Another excellent poem!!

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful Trinitystar...both your words and the pic. I love the last 2 lines especially. Thomas Paine's quote really hits the mark.

floots said...

thank you for lighting my evening with this beautiful and posoitive piece

david santos said...

Thanks for you work, is very good.

Trini, that this week is the best one that you had in all your life, congratulations.

polona said...

oh, this is beautiful!

krystyna said...

This is realy special Sunset and words!
Thanks, Trinity!

ann said...

breathtaking picture
breathtaking words
and like the others
completely taken by
Thomas Paine's quote...
so true, so true