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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Feel free to write if this photograph evokes any feelings.

It is a place I love to go to alone

Away from the city and its drone

I love to walk alongside the waters edge

It makes me feel extremely privileged

That I am able to see this beauty, tempestuous scene

Wild, raging yet,



Sometimes I sit on ancient rocks to ponder



A lone seagull

Wings, gliding through the clouds and celestial sphere

in my eyes a small tear

A feeling so deep inside

an affection, presence, perception

Connection ...

Sorry folks for the lack of posting and commenting
I have my daughter home from abroad.
I don't want to seem anti-social. :o)
See you all in a couple of days

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


floots said...

nice write
my sentiments exactly

Carol said...

I just love these words, I can very much relate to both the picture and what you have written...I love the ocean, whether it is stormy or calm....listening to waves is very thought provoking; I find it makes me wander off into another world.

Thankyou for stopping by my musings your comments are always appreciated. I am off Monday for a well deserved holiday, going to spend my time in Cairns northern Queensland.It is right on the Pacific Ocean, so I can get to ponder a bit..

Glad you are spending quality time with your daughter.

Mike M said...

Great post. Great Blog!!

I will be back for more


starry nights said...

love that poem.I love to sit by the water and ponder also. I think the picture shows a calm sea with a storm approaching.have a good time with your daughter.

trinitystar said...

Thanks folks for passing through.

Carol have a wonderful time ... listening to the whispers of the oceans.

trinitystar said...

Yes, I know Floots ... your place is a wonderful place to be ... to ponder.

trinitystar said...

Thanks Mike for dropping by ... shall pop over to read your posts too.


Pat Paulk said...

Getting ready to head to shore Saturday for a week. Away from the drone of everyday crap, i mean life. Guess it did evoke a feeling or two in me.

polona said...

i love the sea in all its moods. just looking at it has a calming effect on me...

Janice Thomson said...

Love this Trinitystar both the photo and your words. The ocean is a wonderful place for deep reflection and connecting to one's inner self.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

beautiful poem and photo! Have fun. :)

Pankaj Gupta said...

oh wow its great to be on a lonely island..i mean..grt..

ann said...

sorry I haven't been around much either and the picture just seems so English... the dark clouds at the coast

you have a wonderful way with words... the poem is beautiful

enjoy your daughter, where has she been? I've just impulsively booked to spend a long weekend with my babies even though I'll be with them in eight weeks; it's just not soon enough for me

have a lovely weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

donna said...

ahh yes those feelings...will rise again..

beautiful writing

enjoy your time with your daughter..


gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful write. Have a great time with your daughter.

I think I will write a poem based on that picture!

QUASAR9 said...

Trinity, so you too gals off to light up the Manchester night life?

Where's the daughter live when she's not in England?

Lorna said...

There is something so calming about the water and its sounds and rhythms. Enjoy your time with your daughter. hugssssssssssss

magiceye said...

beautiful!!!! the words and the picture! both speak volumes!

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

ahhhhh, the beauty of the water, shore, and sky
wonderful writing, trinitystar
enjoy your daughter

Kuan Gung said...

very nice...