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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Thanks to Janice Thomson and her beautiful Fractals these are my attempts.
Very interesting concept. Thank you Janice.

Big hugs to all.

1) Prayer Mandala

2) Twin Souls

3) Heavenly Cross


gautami tripathy said...

I love the fractals!

bart said...

thank you for these images, they are really beautiful and display the richness of colour and form i love so much... i've experimented with fractals in the past, and feel the need to start once again in the near future...

keep well...

Janice Thomson said...

I could not remember the name of your blog and was so glad you posted a comment :)
These are lovely Trinitystar!. Such beautiful shapes and colors. Isn't it a lot of fun working with these? There are literally hundreds of possibilities with each script. Glad you like the program!