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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stand on my Soapbox day!

God still gives us the sunshine for free, and the apples, and this land that we walk on, and the air, but there are those that want to sell you these things.
There are those that play God with our lives and our crops. Why?
Why is it that people still think they can fight fire with fire as in wars. Why?
The hungry people of the world, when there is stashes of food and grains going to waste. Why?

The answer is pure Greed and Power.

Our world could be made better if we all found compassion to help our fellow men, and to find the solutions for the problems.

Quote: "Impossible only means that you haven't found the solution yet.”

Importance of caring

Necessaries — food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, basic education


Devika said...

Nice to have you back, Trinity :)

"compassion" is the word, but don't know how many understand and value the true meaning of it :)


starry said...

So true.everything is free out there but still there are those that go without food and water, the bare necessities of life.It is really sad.The big question is WHY?
i LOVE THE NEW LOOK OF YOUR BLOG.and so nice to see you back.

Harmony said...

nothing is Impossible really..nice one.

goatman said...

Compassion, I believe is in each of us, somewhere.
To find and release it is the quest; to find ways to actually make a difference. For that probably takes a majority not preoccupied with their own success and lives and children . . . hard to do.

Nice post.

Blood with blood is indeed not the solution. When will we learn?

Margie said...

Dear Marie
I just finished reading your email, how wonderful to hear from you!
I came by here to say "hi"
I shall reply to your email soon.

Nice to see you blogging again.

Very nice post!

Margie xx

mystic rose said...

sometimes when i think about how deeply embedded the whole thing is, and how despite ourselves, our awareness and intentions, we continue living the lie, i wonder if we will ever be able to change anything. it will always exist simply becos its the nature of the world. the duality.