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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

its the small things in life ...

credit ~ Hilton Powell

It is the small things in life, the simple things in life that give us immense pleasure.
A baby's smile ~ eyes meeting ~ the breeze that gently passes by and kisses your cheek.
the first falling of snow ... did you know that every snowflake born is different from the next.
How amazing is that.

Let us all be strong in this new year ... give sometime to the Great Designer of Life.

Quote: It is not death that is the tradgedy of life, it is what you let die while you are alive.

(I do believe that is a good lesson for all of us)


Margie said...

Life is about all the small things that make our lives so beautiful!

Lovely post!

trinitystar said...

thank you Marigie.

Margie said...

Take care Marie.