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Friday, September 29, 2006

Friends are Forever

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

I treasure my friendship with my friends. They are the ones that you can count on. They are selfless. We make each other laugh. We share our lows and our highs. There is an affinity between us all. A beautiful positive flow charged with love
My oldest friend is Shirley. We grew up together in a neighborhood where one could leave your door open all day. In the warm summer evenings there would always be a gathering of mothers chatting in the doorways. Kids were more free ... There was no danger. Kids played outside instead of sitting in front of the computers or Game Stations. We created games to play. Adventurers lost in our imaginations.Shirley came from a Jewish home. I would go there occasionally for a Sabbath meal. Her mother would light the candles and say prayers. Serving chicken soup ... Jewish penicillin.And in turn Shirley would come to our house and celebrate Christmas. She would help to decorate the Christmas Tree.We have kept our friendship going all these years and hopefully will continue to do so.
My college friend is called Maria. A beautiful and creative spirit. Maria is very artistic. She works with clay and paints. Maria at the moment is working in college helping to bring out the best in her pupils. To help them express their artistic potentiality. She has been a great inspiration to me. We shared many moments going out and using our camera's capturing some form of beauty or a crumbling building.
Then we have Michelle. She is my Belly Dancing hippy friend. Always on the go taking workshops, making costumes, holding bazaars and teaching classes of all ages how to belly dance. She often takes her classes out to Egypt or Turkey for tours.We have the same passion for ... Merlin the wizard, unicorns, fairies, crystals and just being free spirits.
David is the positive one he gets things done. He gives everyone the feeling of stability and safety. He is a very good friend not only to me but all my family. :o)
Stephen he is the adventurer he has done a great many things in his life. Lives in Vancouver now. Miss him lots although we do email each other weekly.

Lizzy, Karley and Angel are my young friends that are so dear to me as if they we were my own daughters. Well I guess that sums up my closest friends. There are others too. Thank you all for being my loyal friends.

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