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Friday, September 29, 2006

It is our quest to return home.

One day son and daughter of the King, Prince and Princess wondered what it would be like on the outside of the Castle walls. Here within the perimeter of the Castle walls they lived in opulence in need of nothing. This day they decided it would be nice to see what was beyond the inner safety. They informed their father the King that it was time that they experienced the outside world. He wished them well and told them He would be waiting for their return.

Once beyond the garden of paradise, the beautiful fragrances of the flowers. The brother and sister ... Prince and Princess proceeded to experience that which was part of great outside. A strange feeling came across them ... Their memory was lost. They did not know where they had come from ... They did not know who they were to each other. Separation, lost and not knowing.
It seemed as though they were both reborn into another world. Life was quite strange here. They both experienced joy, sadness, strife. At times life here was quite harsh trying to understand ... It was hard to forgive others ... It was not easy to love everyone.

Many years had passed by and the King wondered about His children. Although He knew that they were in His Kingdom and no matter what they would be safe and eventually make the return home. The King felt that He had heard a calling from His children that they were now ready to come home. They were part of Him and He was able to feel and hear them at all times.
I will send my finest knight to seek the Prince and Princess and help them on their journey back to me.
The intrepid knight, the bearer went in search of the Kings children to bring to them directions on how they can return home to their Father.

He found the Princess one day asleep and gently leaned forward to kiss her soft lips. When her eyes opened she felt as though it was like looking through the brilliance of diamonds. He held her in his arms and gave her a red rose. Whispering to her. "Awaken my beautiful angel your Father has heard you calling."
"He has sent me to help you on your journey home" The Princess felt safe she knew that it would not be too long when she would be in the presence of her Father, the King.
The traveling Knight found the Prince and whispered details that he too will commence his journey on the path home.
It is our quest to return home.

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