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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Beneath my bowers

Beneath my bowers

Let the dawn break in my deepest dark night
Lifting my vision to exhilarating heights
Let me gaze upon the Mystic with my starry eyes
That sparkle and dazzle the cosmic skies
Let the wind blow with laughter chasing the tail of the breeze
spiraling round the tall wooded trees
Candles flickering to light the passage way
Branches twist and bend, intoxicating they sway
Sit with me my darling, and ponder beneath my bower
As eloquently we pass away in the non physical hour
Lets whisper and call the Presence of God to rise higher
We are one and this is our true loving desire.

Please post me your thoughts on:

What would you do if you were invisible?

3 or more.

Midday Canvas
Leaves burnished and kissed by the mid-day sun
The autumn days colour smolders and run
Wisps of clouds like sails on the ocean blue
The Greatest Artist shares His canvas with you.


Don Iannone said...

What a magical poem. Beautiful, Trinitystar.

Added you to my blogroll. Meant to do that earlier.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

beautiful! great writing--

samuru999 said...

Beautiful, very beautiful!
Such words of magic!

If I was invisibile...

1.I would be mother nature...
and I would change any great disaster of nature about to happen
(ie.hurricanes, forest fires)
into blue skies.

2.I would be a beautiful thought
or memory to someone about to take
their life.
The thought or memory would make
that person realize that life is worth living.

3.I would be a guardian angel to
a very dear friend whose husband is dying.
I would be with her all the time,
and she would know I was there...
and have a deep sense of peace.

Much joy to you Serenity!


trinitystar said...


beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing. Selfless. :o)

Imemine said...

I am invisible. Only brother donkey is visible.
I think a lot about others. I try to make people laugh. I try to forget insults and humiliations.

Tikkis said...

Answered these in my own blog, so, here you are:

1) I ought to be totally inside during winter, because my clothes were not invisible?

2) If also my clothes and f.e. my bicycle were invisible, I must be extremely careful; no one could not see me, the cars, big birds etc

3) If everything becomes invisible with me or my touching, the life should be very difficult? What about an invisible aeroplane full of invisible people?

polona said...

beautiful poem!

and to try to answer your question:

i don't think i would really want to be invisible but if i posessed that power i would
- go to places i don't normally visit and take my camera with me (provided it would be invisible, too)
- try to prevent as many bad things as possible from happening
- look after my beloved ones and surprise them with occasional "gifts from heaven"

trinitystar said...

Ti si mnogu lepa ... mnogu palubim.

Polona your Haiku poems are gifts from Heaven.
Thank you for dropping in.

Kuan Gung said...

Wow...i this is's awesome!!! Can I post one on my blog with your name and link to your site...please...thank you

trinitystar said...

kuan gung ... as you please ... the writings come from within ... I guess it is all One.