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Monday, October 30, 2006

No Longer

No Longer
No longer do I mourn in the mirror at the reflection of my waning youth
But gaze within the depths of my eyes in raptures at my pending eternal joy
.No longer shall I be saddened and weighed down by the desires I do not hold within my grasp
But rejoice in the richness of the fruits of life that are laid before me to feast and fulfil my appetite
No longer will I thirst for the material possessions of life that are temporal and inanimate
But be quenched by Love pouring abundantly from within my heart that has be filled with aliveness
No longer will tender sentiments and nostalgia rule my life, shackling and seizing my illusions like grieving trophies.
But let me relish in my arousal of wonder at every aborning moment that is bestowed upon me and be grateful that I have a choice
No longer will my stumbling in the alleys of despair and becoming downhearted over take me
But I shall be triumphant that it has strengthened my very spirit and made me aware
No longer will the shroud of darkness obscure my view of the Beauty that resides within my ageing body
But I shall increase my vision and express the Beauty upon all I meet.
No longer will walls and frivolities of the mundane world steal my energy and entomb me
But let every stone wall I have built be clawed down till my fingers bleed and I rejoice in the pain of my long last awaited freedom
No longer will false idols of society impress me with their sad and tasteless life
But the visions of Nature …the air that I breathe … the whisper from a passing breeze … the sun as it kisses the earth … and the taste of wine and passion shall be my intoxications of love
Life is simplicity … be still and silent and listen


Rob said...

Excellent... and a telling last line.

Imemine said...

Wonderful poem. It's full of courage and hope.

polona said...

wonderful uplifting words.
i should print this out and read it every morning as a reminder what's really important...

samuru999 said...

So very wonderful!
Your words lift me up so much!

Thank you!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I can learn from this..

trinitystar said...

Thank you fellow travellers for your journey here.
hugs for all :o)

"James" said...

Those are beautiful, inspiring words. Thank-you for sharing them. It is always great to learn from others.

Thank-you for visiting "The Buddhist Blog."

Do you mind if I use that image of the person meditating in this post??

trinitystar said...

James do feel free. :o) Hugs for you.

Brittany Hogan said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much for this gift wrapped in such beautiful words. I'll be back again!

trinitystar said...

thank you all for drifting by ... hopefully the breeze will blow you here again. :o)

floots said...

taking the time to listen - so right