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Monday, October 23, 2006

Stilling of the mind.

Keeping still

I have been relatively calm today. I kept my thoughts quiet and just listened to sounds of murmurings of every day life. The humdrum of the city cars could be heard in the background. It almost seemed to a certain extent surreal, as if I was just a voyeur. Perhaps I am the voyeur standing back and gazing at all that is in position for my vision to absorb. For, where is vision situated but, through the windows of the soul. There are moments when one becomes involved with intense listening to people holding conversations with you. One becomes no more than the listening tool; one becomes the ‘awareness. If we do not engage ourselves in conversation, but listen intently we find that our hearts open and allow the flow of light to express outwardly.
Thus, we then become a tool in which if help or answers are required we are able to do so and deliver them with pure clarity.

And where You be
I follow Thee
And where I be
I be with Thee
I be here and You be there
And you be everywhere
In and out
I be finite and I be infinite
You be anything and all of infinite
I express Thee
You express all of me
Where would I be
If there was not Thee
A dot in the void
For without Thee
There would not be me.
Always Dreaming
In my dreams we stand within the continual circle of truth
Opening the doorway to the stars and eternal youth
We move closer to dance beneath shadows of the cresent moon
Immersing our souls inside the warmth of His Cocoon
Spiralling inside the Light of the Divines Essence we lovingly embrace
The symphony of wind blows your hair against my face
My body trembles as I hold you close to my soul
We become one fragment of the Whole.


samuru999 said...

I just love to come here!
You are so wonderful...
and your words touch me so much!

This is beautiful!

And...thank you so very much for sharing dear Allison's site with me!
I have gone to her site!
She is amazing...and made me cry!
May God bless her always!

Blessings to you!


Don Iannone said...

So beautiful said! Straight from the soul to the soul.

Poetry by Kai said...




trinitystar said...

Thank you all for passing by
a moment spent to absorbe what others have wrote ... Warm embrace to you all.

trinitystar said...

Oh yes if any of you drop by again ... I am interested in placing people in the right side bar and Ive tried always to do it ... hence Ive just placed a couple of http//s beneath the post.
Would appreciate it. Tried following the blog instructions :o(
I just am not able to make the link. Therefore if anyone does have the time ... I would be very grateful. :o)

polona said...

this is a beautiful post!
but i'm afraid i couldn't be of much help with the sidebar :(

Pat Paulk said...

Very beautiful and true. I'll look at mine and see if I can remember how I did it.

serenity said...

Hi Trinity,
First time to your beautiful blog home, and what a lovely post for me to drop in on. Beautiful words, beautiful prose that flows through you. I offer my humble gratitude for your sharing and for opening your welcoming doors to a humble visitor.

Blessings of peace, joy and Love be with you.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice work!