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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Always unfolding.

The unfolding Being
I was accustomed to thinking that He was hidden from me. Not tangible, untouchable, invisible.
I was wrong
It was my very own created blindness that caused the darkened obscurity that held Him back from my vision
Through my sometimes bitter suffering obstructions were born and all along I had not realised that I walked with Kings and Queens.
Halted in the tomb of illusions depositing judgements on others
In my depraved mind my memory loss denied me of my birthright of eternal joy and gifts of love and awareness
In my questing each day I remember a little more ... that I am a Being of Gods Expression.
Out of the darkness upon this earth of ours
Beneath myriad of sparkling tumbling stars
Our quest is the way to the Divine Knight
We shall grow and unfold towards the light
In the lull of our journey we will be able to see
That it shall be our choice to be pure and free
On the path to our goal we greet our fears
With decorated jewelled and crystallized tears
Within our illusions we seek just an intoxicating glance
Searching alwys for the Ultimate Divine Romance
There is only Love.


samuru999 said...

Very beautiful and touching!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit!


thinley said...

the surrender...the letting go...the selflessness...the wisdom...

wonderful writing :-)