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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Unicorn and the Fairy Princess

The Unicorn and the Fairy Princess were born of the brightest shining star that gave off light into the dark universe extending out to other beautiful little stars and voyaging dreamers that travel in the great expanse of the cosmos.

One warm summer's night when all was still and hushed, there in the far distance of the dark sky a shooting star could be seen by all that gazed up at the brilliance of the moon as lovers do; their hearts beating as one; their soft lips caressing and their eyes filled with dynamic stars of love.

The Unicorn and the Fairy Princess came tumbling down from the heavens above and came to rest in the depths of the emerald green Enchanted Forest and this is where they have shared their lives, for eons even beyond time itself; caring for each other, living in love and harmony.

The Fairy Princess had great affection for her Unicorn and he in turn for her. Often they would gallop through the forest, she riding on his bare back; holding tightly onto his long white mane.
The sheer freedom of feeling the wind brushing against their spirits and against their brow. Sometimes the Princess would lead her Unicorn to the effervescence pool filled with bubbles that held sparkling rainbows. This was the place where all the tiny folk gathered; a place of eternal joy. Laughter and giggles could be heard echoing throughout the Enchanted Forest as they danced and sang. Some would become intoxicated from drinking nectar the exuberant essence of their Divine Lord. They danced to tunes of the fiddle beneath the stars.
A stream of moonlight looped the Fairy Princesses figure, her eyes shined like jewels from the Beggars crown as she gazed into the amber eyes of her Unicorn, be her true love forever.

The Divine Wizard the magical creator of all puts a garland of fine petals on the Princesses hair, so that she may feel the scent of a thousand forest flowers of grace.

Close your eyes and come here too! They shall share their golden goblets with you and all. Come drink and be merry join in the celebrations of Love and allow the Fairy Princess to sprinkle her fairy dust on you. The Unicorn and the Fairy Princess bring a message to you.

Follow your dreams ... Be sure to know that dreams have been sprinkled with sparkling fairy dust.

Drawings are by Nene Thomas

This is dedicated to the Unicorn :o)

Tell me ... do you believe in Unicorns and Fairies?

Celtic Love

Shallow crystal streams ripple, glens of tumbling jade green

Water that glistens in the sunlight of the mystics dream

Here I found my true love, where side-beside we lay

Beneath the earth depths, emerging from the ancient clay

Rising our Spirits to enter the experience of human existence

Through life's trials, tribulations and all its persistence

Through seasons that aspired in symphonies of eloquent song

Anum cara, together in Celtic harmony we do belong

Amidst our very special dream world the dance takes place

A moment for our longing souls to touch and embrace

Silently we stand and kiss in the spiraling circle of love

The vision upon the horizon of dawns crimson sky above

Parting gently on awakening keeping our joy within our heart

The sacred belief of infinity , that our souls will never part.

As we lay side by side within the Mystical Celtic exordia place

Whispers of love echoes throught the human race.


samuru999 said...

I feel like a fairy princess after reading your magical and beautiful
Such an exquisite loveliness to your words!
Thank you!

Hugs to you!


polona said...

wow, this really transferred me to another universe where love springs eternal.
thank you!

trinitystar said...

You are both Fairy Princesses go scatter your fairy dust on the dreamers and awaken them to the joy's of life. :o)

Kuan Gung said...

You have an incredible site here...incredible

Kuan Gung said...

You have an incredible site here...incredible