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Monday, October 16, 2006

We are One

You are the only one
Stop this very moment and …reach high
Share with me a lovingly gaze into the dark velvet sky
As if we were looking into the heart of a giant crystal ball
The Designer wishes for us all to be enthralled
Let the heart beat of two souls be a symphony of sound
Where beautiful visions are played and found
Allow self to be free as the lively shimmering stars above
Together this very moment fill all souls with cosmic love
Where castles, rainbows, and dreams are born
Where the trees in the forest whisper the presence of the unicorn
Share with me this moment as you look into my eyes divine
And I whisper to you … You have always been mine
There is nothing to possess for there is only One
That is you, me and everyone


samuru999 said...

This is beautiful!
I love it!
Take care!


mark walter said...

WOW! What is prompting you to write this?