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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Suddenly I knew

Never content, no feeling of fulfilment, alone in darkness and sad
Searching for something I could not explain, never feeling glad
Treasure, You hid from me within the trove of my heart
My ego kept you veiled and hidden, my behaviour kept us apart
Mystic you came like a breeze to show me the manner in which to be free
Suddenly the changing colours, so vibrant and alive within me
It felt like the beams of sun crimson and gold streaming through
My eyes filled with star dust and sparkled bright when I saw you
A rush of love filled my heart and suddenly I knew
The Essence of the Divine Ancient Lover expressed Himself through you.
How beautiful it is the feeling of Love. Your distance feels near.
Your amazing cloak of love keeps me safe from the illusion of fear.
Cast your eyes upon my soul, as it reaches out to touch your face
Tears conceal my eyes that belong only to You, it is You I embrace
I have hope in every sunrise that you will return soon
When once again we can dance beneath the beautiful silvery moon.


17th October 2006

1 comment:

thinley said...

Takes me to the astral world where bodies have no place...only souls in a beautiful union :-)

keep posting.