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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Wonder of the Mystic

The long, white skirts represents the shroud. The Dervishes extend their arms, the right palm faces up and the left palm faces down. Energy from above enters through the right palm, passes through the body and passes through the left palm and into the Earth. The Sheikh represents the sun and the Dervishes represent the planets turning around him in the solar system of Mevlana.
Love for the Mystic
My heart is like a Whirling Dervish dancing upon the sands of time
Spinning in awe, reeling into the Universe so sublime
Every moment that passes by a new beauty, I find
For the Mystic is full of Love He is one of a kind
He comes and delivers from the Supreme Lover
There is only One there is no passing other
The Spirit of Love he silently brings
The Mystic is free like the passionate wind
He loves to live he lives to love
The Mystic is free as the drifting clouds in the ku above
He comes from another world from another place
From beyond the stars, his soul ablaze with God's Grace
In my stillness, I try to understand the Mystic's ways
The exultation of his spirit, the words he softly says
Mystic we share love of the sound of the rolling dunes
Together we walk the Spirit sands a place of many moons
I hear your whisper constantly in the heart of me
Hear my gentle whispers of love for thee.
Dedicated to Master S. :o)
A Simple prayer
Lord, I cast my eyes upon the moving golden desert sands
Your Love drifting within my heart that expresses and expands
A wandering nomad just passing in space, the here and now
I kneel before you my Lord, somewhere in the stillness of my mind, I bow
My soul ablaze like the splendour of the sun that radiates Your Smile
The walk upon the crooked mile, a place to rest for a timeless while
Lord I have arrived at this place of silence within the depths of my soul
Whispering love for all humankind, stirring, connecting with the Whole
The utterance of Your Breath My Lord is my command
The pleasure upon my lips as I kiss Your silken Hand
To be by Your side like a flowing glistening stream
Downriver, rippling into the Heavenly dream
The dream of eternal life
Thank you My Lord for creating me.

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