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Monday, November 13, 2006

Free Will




There are many beliefs about life, love, and will. Yet people get so confused ... confusion is the normal state of the human world. If God did not allow us this gift OF FREE WILL we would all be automatons, but, we are not. Free will allows us to make choices.

Thus, choose a worthy path ... and let all else flow from this.
And, what is the choice of path?
It is choice of Being
This is ultimately, what choice is really about.

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Jean Nidetch
It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny.

Zig Ziglar
Every choice you make has an end result.

Quote submitted by Ed Hillenbrand
It's not a matter of can or cannot, it's a matter of will or will not, everything is a choice, choose

Leo Buscaglia
What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.


Don Iannone said...


Interesting thought. I saw you left this comment over at Rob's blog.

I've thought a lot about free will. My take is that it is not an either/or debate (free will versus determinism). Instead, I think we have free will within limits, but most of the time we never exercise those limits in our choice.

Choice in itself is limited; that is the choices we can conceive of are defined in number. Partially this limit is set by our thinking, or our ability to conceive of choices.

Using our will (whether free or divinely imparted), I like to think we co-create the universe with God or the divine moment by moment. In this sense, we need the divine, and the divine needs us. We weave the tapestry together. In the process, our lives are woven.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Prompts a poem in me...I'll work on it for today's CL post.

Blessings to you Trinitystar. I don't always have the time to engage much. Sorry about that.

Best wishes,


trinitystar said...

Thank you for this ... it will be good reading for those that pass by.
Yes, definately co.creators. :o)

The contributions that we all make ... either it be poetry, music, art or photography. If there is just a hint that it makes one stop for a moment to think. Thus, we are all giving to each other and reminding each other of who we are.
Thanks for dropping in. Look forward to reading the poem.
Warm hugs for you. :o)

Imemine said...

I don't really know if there is such a thing as free will. Perhaps our choices and decisions are determined or made by our beliefs, thoughts, experiences or lack of them.
Maybe God and Mother Nature play the most important roles without our knowing it. Or maybe we are just creatures of habits or hobbits.

Rob said...

I really like Don's comment here.

It is possible to wake from everyday stupor and learn to choose consciously.

I have a long way to go however!

polona said...

it's interesting that you all chose to touch on this subject...

i believe some things are determined but within that frame we have free will to chose what we think is right... and as we grow and become more aware the frame loosens until eventually we are able to overcome its boundaries...
i don't know if this makes much sense but it's a difficult subject and my thoughts are not too coherent...

trinitystar said...

Thank you for all particapating in Free Will.

The question, whether freewill exist or not is an old philosophical problem. I haven't read many deep things on it. But I have my very personal view on this.

I think freewill exist and at the same time it doesn't exist.

Freewill exist because, without it the creation of intelligence human race will lose its value. Without freewill the purpose of creation doesn't work.

Freewill doesn't exist to the Lover of God because all Knowing God created and designed it. So somehow freewill iteself has some limitations. But yet, it is designed in such a wonderful way that it gives human race tremendous independence in thoughts, behavior and everything.

The fact that freewill exist and doesn't exist at the same time can be compared with a half full glass . The glass is half full. And the glass is half empty. Both the statement is true at the same time.

In Final Testament it is acknowledged that human race has freewill. It is stated that: "Say, the truth is from your Lord, so let him who please believe, and let him who please disbelieve;…" (-Quran 018.029). Thus God gives choice even to deny or accept the very important Truth.

But at the same time we need to acknowledge that God knows everything even if we have freewill. This is because God created time. So although we are into time dimension, God is not. So for Him future, past and present is nothing but same. That is why, freewill doesn't exist if we look from God's point of view. But for us, we can be happy on earth as that we have freewill.

a post by

Always choose to do things within Love and I guess you will not go wrong.

Hugs for everyone.
thank you all
and all those that took part on Dons and Robs blog. :o)

Matt said...

Freewill is an awesome gift, in every sense of the word. Our choices are so important. Thank you for a great post :)

Keep up the great posts :)

ps The link to my blog on your link list appears to be linking back to yourself lol

trinitystar said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Shall sort out the link.
Thanks for letting me know.
hugs :o)

GEL said...

Wish I had time to read this post. will be back. For now, I also love quotes and I met Leo Buscaglia in person when he spoke at my university.*awesome speaker!* The audience was given a choice of him autographing the book or hugging us. Most chose a hug. I did.
*hugs*2u now