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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Friend

My friend
I thought I would call on an old friend today
He resides a couple of blocks away
As I neared his place
I caught a glimpse of his face
I was filled with joy that he was still there after all this time
The old timer, looking wonderfully good, grand and fine
Standing majestical, strong and tall
I felt his spirit winter, spring, summer and fall
He stood on a carpet of leaves coloured rusts and golds
Within his soul the mystery of life it holds
The cycle of Trees
Trees that have a tendency toward intolerance get more intolerant as they grow older. For instance, the seedlings of the White Pine, which is not so intolerant as some of its relatives, will do very well for a few years in the shade of older trees, but after a while you see a difference. Their leaves, no longer that deep lustrous green which marks the healthy tree, turn pale yellow, and the buds begin to look small and discouraged. So, using the word "intolerance" now in the same sense it is applied to trees, we know that people as they get on in years are more sensitive to their surroundings, less able to put up with things, than they were in their younger days. "My growing love of easy shoes, My growing hate of crowds and noise, My growing fear of taking cold, All whisper, in the plainest voice, I'm growing old!" Yet, taking the meaning of "intolerance" as it is usually used when speaking of human beings, youth is often more intolerant than age, more sure that its opinions are absolutely right and all opposing opinions absolutely wrong; while those who keep their minds open and "incline the ear to instruction" grow more mellow, broad, and tolerant with the advancing years.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Wonderful poem! I like the writing too - :)

Dee said...

came this way via the comment you left on my blog (thank you).

Nice photo
Beautiful words

younger ones trusting older ones
Older one providing shelter

Each needing the love and support from one another - as it should be...

Very powerful
Very thought provoking
Nice words x

floots said...

knocked out by this
so true too :)

polona said...

thank you for this beautiful poem... i can so relate.

i have a special bond with one particular tree. i found it this spring when walking through the woods feeling melancholy... a beech tree, its bark covered in scars, a dry branch hanging losely out of my reach... i was drawn to it, just felt i had to touch it and when i did i felt an unusual sensation, tears started rushing down my cheeks... it was like we entrusted each other with our secrets and fears... i keep returning to that tree whenever i need solace.. .the feeling has never been so strong as the first time but that tree has become my shrine, a place where i can "pray" for the people i care about and i "know" the tree will send my thoughts into the universe...

(hope all this makes any sense)

goatman said...

Youth is"more intolerant than age" because they have not yet been indoctrinated. I remember that myself. The longer we live, the longer we accept the failure of humanity on this planet but still hope for better. It will not come except for the youth.

trinitystar said...

Polona ... affinity with trees.

Great friends. :o)

trinitystar said...

Thank dee,

Hope that you will pop in again. You are most welcome.

hugs for you. :o)

trinitystar said...


Does Wisdom come with age?
Thanks for coming here it was very nice to see you here.

GEL said...

Fantastic post! :) I have loved trees since I was a child. They are one of my favorite subjects to paint and photograph. I also use tree symbolism quite frequently in my writings.

Tolerance and openness is vitally important, I agree.