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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Friends left for new life!

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I have fond memories of you
my friend you made me laugh
remember our walks of hope
taking an hour or two

you were like a breeze that entered the room
a room that was dull ~

suddenly, filled with life and light

stunningly beautiful

a spiritual rose unfolding under the sun

and then one day

a knock!

at the door of your soul
crucified by cancer
your body became frail and torn
as if you had been within a raging storm

you were strong you fought it all the way


you cried

you knew you could not run or hide

I saw you a few days before
a tear in your eye
like a

pearl, we treasure in our minds and heart

"I came like water. and like the Wind I go." by omar khayyam

Thank you Jacquie for being my friend
I miss you.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful work--

Pat Paulk said...

A beautiful memorial.

polona said...


goatman said...

Your words are a comfort to anyone who has lost a friend, which is most likely each of us.
You brightened my day with a brief release of tear.

magiceye said...

beautiful tribute...

ann said...

I am sorry for your loss... a fitting tribute and so beautiful...

as goatman says, we have all lost friends, especially to this terrible disease.