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Thursday, May 24, 2007

no sleep

I could not sleep all night, no moonlight

No stars, just a blanket of dark clouds

My thoughts stumbled, stubborn resistance
Searching for my existence through torment

The air was so still, no stiring of silence

I listened and there was nothing.

For hours I gazed at the tree outside

No whispers, no rustling of leaves

No excitement for the mirror of my eyes

I looked for soft sand blowing in the breeze

The crest of a wave to sail upon beneath the warm sun

Sounds of Paradise birds in trees, cascading waterfalls

Tinkling of flower petals

Sweet fragrance in the air

I must of closed my eyes for a moment

so I had thought

Suddenly a new day was born

The sun came streaming through the window

Birds called morning to all

I had found a paradise

I heard the waterfall

The tap in the bathroom


floots said...

sleep is something which has become more elusive recently
i will try to use your thoughts and images to help me
thank you

Pat Paulk said...

These nights I've known well. Though sad, perfectly described!!

polona said...

insomnia can be disturbing...
love the poem

Janice Thomson said...

It seems as we get older that elusive thing called sleep gets less and less. LOL
Loved this Trinitystar...and the images...especially the last line.

samrina said...

Heart touching words...

Nice poetry.