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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thank You! I could not see the artists name

Thank you kindly for your visits ... big apologies for not being able to visit your blogs ... August is quite busy for me ... with the children being off school ... weddings ... helping out ... and generally enjoying the days out by the coast or in the country. The wonderful weather of the last two weeks here in Britain is not to be missed.

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those that cannot hear the music thinks the dancers mad


Hope you all have a wonderful week ... I shall look forward to reading your works of art.

see you all soon



Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping me in mind ..have fun


Pat Paulk said...

The heat here has been horrid!! Glad you're enjoying yours.

Janice Thomson said...

Good to know you are safe and sound Trinitystar...hope you are having a wonderful time this month.

krystyna said...

Hi Trinity!
What a beautiful artwork!
Creativity and technology together shows what an arist can charm out.
Thank you Trinity for your supportive words in my hard time.
Best to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trinity!

I love that quote about the's new to me and I will remember it.

I hope you are well.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Take care -- I'm looking forward to see you back. :)

ann said...

nice to see you back, albeit briefly.... I used to love the summer hols with the kids home from school. I was kinda gutted the year they had grown and I was oh so redundant

enjoy your time with them

lotsa luv ann xxxx

gel said...

oh sweet one,
no thanks are needed!
What a colourful image you chose!
P.S. I hope to visit GB someday soon. My GEM travels there so often and I've made many a blog friend in your country!

gautami tripathy said...

Good to see you back. Thanks for thinking of us.