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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A relfection of Love

I stood and gazed at this beautiful reflection
A breath taking vista with divine connection
It reached the depths of my bewildering soul
And I longed to gently touch you my Love
The compassionate one, with a heart of gold
cloaked in kindness a wonderful gentle soul
I pondered if you could hear the whispers of my heart
You an angel whom the Gods sent here
A radiant light that brushed away my fear
I love you


Margie said...

Just beautiful!
And that photo...breath taking!


Devika said...

Personally I believe in kindness and compassion --

So I liked this one much, TS..The bright blue photo is cheering :)


The title has a spelling mistake "reflection" --

Nikhil said...

too good..............i love the optimisim you have in it. My poetry turn out be sad at the end. but thanks for this positive touch.

trinitystar said...

Devika thanks on that ... I always welcome suggestions and corrections.
Big hugs for you ... hope you are feeling a little better.

trinitystar said...

Margie ... Hey! Good morning the photograph I took on Saturday .. it was such an exhilerating day ... crisp air. Gorgeous.
coming over to you and your flickr pics shortly

Nikhil said...

yo know trinity i wish her to understand this emotion, if i express it in words i might force her in a way.
I am happy you could connect with my Poisonous creation.