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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Lend me your heart for awhile
And the warmth of your smile
As I whisper softly in your ear
You are my strength that takes away the fear
You are like the sun to me that brightens up my day
You give hope and understanding in every way
You are my heart beat that ticks every hour
You are that beautiful raindrop upon the softness of a flower
In my darkest moments you are the moon that gives me light
You are that eagle that takes me soaring high in flight
When you kiss me you fill me with desire
You rekindle love within me and light my fire
Your smile and honest words of encouragement
Gives me that feeling that you are heaven sent


krystyna said...

Beautiful...and lovely.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear Trinitystar!

Margie said...

happy valentine's day, marie.
A lovely verse of love.


Keshi said...

too beautiful!

I hv never felt that kinda pure love from a man...I mean the romantic kind :)


mystic rose said...

beautiful and beautifully written! :)

Nikhil said...

Simple yet so powerful............just as an aura of love invisible and dragging hard

starry nights said...

Just lovely trinity.Oh! to feel that love.

Kai C. said...

hey you,
long time no see
how r u?
beautiful poem

goatman said...

Someone is very lucky to have such words written. Happy hearts

Cecilia said... deep..