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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fear is our Limitations

Digital art by Marie Moore

You have to choose what you want to do
Then put this into action.

The choice has to be there, something stirs within and you can feel it.

I love that feeling, and you just know it is right, and you just know that Being is there with you.

Have you ever dreamnt it and then done it. Watch it unfold in the physical world.

We are all wonderful beings ... but we limit ourselves through our own fear.

Fear is our Limitation
Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.
Michael Pritchard
from the Quotations Page


mystic rose said...

Powerful advice.

starry said...

So true Trinitystar, fear is our limitation.we have to overcome fear in order to change.

trinitystar said...

Lovely to see you both here. Thanks for coming ... glad I have you in sight mystic rose ... I have lost all the name roll ... somehow and I am just trying to find my way round the new blog
hugs for you both..

Harmony said...

hey dear, that so nicely said but i think Fighting this Fear is indeed make us to our Destinations and dreams..let God give us the capability to fight that Fear..thanx for sharing it so beautifully dear..take care!best of luck for this new sweet blog of yors!love to come again and again here!!